WordPress ‘Continue with’ one-click conversions from a button click

Last updated 11/01/2023

This feature allows you to trigger the ‘Continue with’ when a user clicks a button on a page, by adding a shortcode.

You can even include the authentication prompt text, or customize the ‘Continue with’ header text for the specific scenario.

Step 1

Find the page or post where you want the 'Continue with' button to appear, and open it in Edit mode in WordPress.

Step 2

Place the cursor at the place in the page where you want to add the 'Continue with' button.

Step 3

Click the Toggle block inserter button, then search for and select Shortcode.

Step 3

Step 4

In the shortcode block, enter the following:

[breadbutter-continuewith-button]Sign in here[/breadbutter-continuewith-button]

Where "Sign in here" is the button label, which you can set to whatever you'd like.

Step 4

Step 5

You can also set various parameters for the 'Continue with' for your specific scenario, if you would like them to be different than the global defaults. For example:

  • show_login_focus - Display the auth prompt text (true/false).
  • continue_with_position - Set where the 'Continue with' is on the page.
  • css_class - Apply your own CSS to the button.
  • destination_url - Set the URL users will be sent to after authenticating.
  • on_login - Set a javascript function that the button calls in the signed in state.
  • Additional parameters can be found on Github.

Here's an example of the various parameters set:

[breadbutter-continuewith-button show_login_focus=true continue_with_position='{"right":50,"bottom":50}' css_class="new-class-for-continue-button" destination_url="https://yoursite.com/landingpage/" on_login=callToLoggedIn]Sign in here[/breadbutter-continuewith-button]

Step 6

Additionally, you can change the text in the authentication prompt screen with the following parameter:


Step 7

Click Update to save and publish the change.

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