WordPress Getting Started

Last updated 08/26/2022

To get started with Bread & Butter IO for your WordPress site, you’ll need to install and configure the Bread & Butter IO WordPress plugin.

Install the Plugin

You can install and set up the Bread & Butter IO WordPress plugin by following the installation procedure. Once installed and set up, your users will be prompted to authenticate on your homepage, and you’ll begin to see page view, analytics, and user engagement data collected on your Bread & Butter IO Dashboard.

To install and set up the Bread & Butter IO WordPress plugin, follow our installation guide.

Configure the Tools

Once you have completed the installation, you can add one or more of the Bread & Butter IO tools to better engage your visitors.

Set Up API Events

To maximize the benefits of Bread & Butter IO, you can also set up API events that can be used to trigger integrations with your existing software/solutions, to create rules, and monitor activities from the user journey map on the Dashboard.