Your customers are
your bread & butter

You put a lot of effort into your SEO and advertising strategies. Don’t let it go to waste.

Convert your customers right away and stop waiting for a sign-up or a shopping cart check-out.
Remove barriers and make conversion an easy process your visitors’ trust.

bread and Butter - Your customers are <br/ >your bread & butter

Get to know
your customers.
Really know them

Our progressive user journey tools help you convert more visitors into customers. Track their path from an unnamed visitor to a named and verified customer.

Same-day install with your current technology stack using our comprehensive suite of tools.
Integrate with our API, JavaScript libraries, or one-click plugins, whatever works best for you.


Are you ready?

If you’re like most companies out there, the answer is probably – uh, no?

bread and Butter - Cookie-pocalypse
bread and Butter - Cookie-pocalypse

first-party data

Increase revenue & decrease costs? With first-party data, your business can achieve both. By customizing your offerings based on a sustainable first-party data strategy, you build loyalty and increase revenue per customer. So don’t wait until the third-party cookie jar is empty.


No matter your business model, Bread & Butter helps you remove friction to conversion.

Sustainably collect
First-party data &
view it in a
dashboard that’s
easy to understand.

Conversions, authentications & custom event tracking in a platform that makes it easy to sync with what you already use. You manage all your digital assets with one dashboard from single account apps or websites up to multiple account digital agencies and ISVs.

Aggregate analytics or break it down per website or app—delegate audit and view privileges to all your customers, each with their own personalized view.

Built by a team of security experts

Built by a team of security experts

Globally trusted & proven

Globally trusted & proven

Increase conversions by offering
the authentication options your customers trust

Increase conversions by offering the authentication options your customers trust

Works with your existing front & back end,
or use our free JavaScript library

Works with your existing front & back end, or use our free JavaScript library

Works with what you already use

No need to switch what you’re already doing. You can use Bread & Butter to augment your workflows or build out a new first-party data strategy. The cookie jar may be put away but you can put butter on anything.

Bread & Butter
Bread & Butter
Bread & Butter
Bread & Butter
Bread & Butter
Bread & Butter
Bread & Butter
Bread & Butter
Bread & Butter

Forget me forget me not not

With the end of third-party cookies & new regulations on how data can be shared (GDPR, CCPA or Data Protection Laws), what are you doing to make sure you aren’t caught out?

Have you had requests to be forgotten or anonymize users data? With Bread & Butter it’s as easy as the flick of a switch. All user data is handled so that it complies with regulations while maintaining an ability for you to customize your user experience based on your customers preferences.


At this point you might have some questions

A typical customer can implement within a single day. There’s no need to migrate your user
database, and existing users do not have to re-register. If you want to migrate your users, we’ve got you covered
there, too. Our API library is available in all popular languages. One simple implementation supports
all your customers’ unique configurations.

Want to reduce friction in your sign-up/sign-in process? Tired of sifting through the junk in your analytics or buying mailing lists that spam addresses that don’t exist? Worried about the loss of third-party cookies? Want to be able to see where your users spend their time? Ever had a request for de-identification? If you own or manage a website or app and have thought about any of these things, then Bread & Butter is for you.

We offer multiple ways to interact with Bread & Butter. You can consume our APIs, use our JS Library, or if your website is on WordPress we offer a plugin that will have you up and running with a click.

All of Bread & Butters features are configured in the backend of your Bread & Butter app. Configurations have step-by-step guides to make sure your configured correctly. Adding the functionality to your website or app is as easy as adding the JSL script tag to your site code like you would with Google Analytics. If you have a developer you work with they can set up your website or app to use our API’s. if you use our WordPress plugin, you’re done, no coding needed.

All Bread & Butter integrations begin with a 30 day fully functional free trial. After that point the amount of Bread & Butter you need determines your cost structure. Have a small website and just want to reduce friction for your users? We have a plan for that. Are you an Agency that needs to manage multiple platforms and report out data? We have a plan for that as well. View our full pricing by clicking the button below. VIEW PRICING

Tired of giving away coupon codes to anonymous users? Verify them sooner! Don’t wait for a formal purchase action.
Our unified experience fits directly into your existing Shopify plus workflow.

Process checkouts with single sign-on or old school email and password. Remove friction and make your customers experience butter smooth.

bread and Butter - Works with what you already use
bread and Butter -

Still creating roadblocks with complicated password requirements? Users want to use Google or Facebook to sign in?

Convert users directly into your WordPress database with our one-click WordPress plugin. A few minutes from you saves everyone time later.


Our wordpress plugin works great
with MemberPress and WooCommerce