website tip for 2022

Know your
customer sooner.

Bread & Butter IO makes it simple to collect sustainable first-party data with a one-click conversion and sync it with your favorite CRM. While our modern API-event analytics map your user’s journey so you can understand who is on your website, where they came from, and what they’re doing.

bread and Butter - Know your <br/> customer sooner.

‘‘You can’t have a conversation
with an IP address’’

Andrew Dailey – MGI Research

bread and Butter - Start with sustainable <br/>first-party data, build from there

Start with sustainable
first-party data, build from there

It’s a relationship, not a listening party. The way you gather data is as important as the type of data you collect—future proof your data gathering, ethically.


website tip for 2022

Bread & Butter IO -
a simple use case

An unknown visitor comes (either organically or as from a CPC in this example) to your website & is presented with the Bread & Butter IO ‘Continue with’ conversion tool.

The visitor signs in with an account they already have and trust (Google in this example).

See a full list of supported Identity Provider
(SSO or Authentication methods)

Visitor goes from unknown to known. Interactions & events are logged and trigger actions to third-party apps based on your workflows and integrations

Bread & Butter IO was made to work with your ecosystem. We integrate with or are able to export to all the popular CRM platforms. Once you have first-party data you can personalize content for known customers, allowing them to be drivers of engagement and referrals.


Works with

Does your organization use Webflow, WordPress or Hubspot? Choose one of the logos above to see how you can add the power of first-party data to your platform with Bread & Butter IO.

Questions? We get a few

Zero code, Low code or No code – a typical customer can implement within a single day. There’s no need to migrate your user
database, and existing users do not have to re-register. One simple implementation supports
all your customers’ unique configurations.

Who should use Bread & Butter?

We think that everyone should. First-party data future proofs your website from third-party company policies or digital protection laws changes. And who doesn’t want to reduce friction for their visitors? Or maybe you’re tired of sifting through the junk in your analytics or buying mailing lists with spam addresses that don’t exist? Want to be able to see where your users spend their time? Ever had a request for de-identification? If you own or manage a website and have thought about any of these things, then Bread & Butter is for you.

What's required to use Bread & Butter?

Start gathering first-party data by installing our initialization script. Then customize one-click conversions based on your business needs. If you have a development team you can consume our APIs or use our JS Library. If your website is on Webflow, WordPress or another CMS we have installation guides & plugins that will have you up and running with a couple of clicks.

Do I need to have coding skills to use Bread & Butter?

If you can cut & paste, you can get Bread & Butter on your website. Adding the functionality to your website is as easy as adding the initialization script to your site like you would Google Analytics. You configure all features in your Bread & Butter account dashboard, and we have step-by-step guides to make sure you’re set up correctly. Use a CMS like Webflow, WordPress, or Wix? Use one of our plugins or install guides.

Have a development team? Invite them to your account as an admin or auditor to add your initialization script and one-click conversion widgets.

How much does Bread & Butter cost?

All Bread & Butter integrations begin with a 30 day fully functional free trial. After that point the amount of Bread & Butter you need determines your cost structure. Have a small website and just want to reduce friction for your users? We have a plan for that. Are you an Agency that needs to manage multiple platforms and report out data? We have a plan for that as well. View our full pricing by clicking the button below.