Turn website visitors into leads with First-Party Data

Convert content into revenue, remove conversion friction, and provide the insight needed for success in 2024

Top 4 for 2024

We solve your four biggest problems.


You need to convert more visitors into real prospects

Bread & Butter works alongside your existing intake forms to capture prospects whenever they’re ready to convert. Our frictionless one-click solution guarantees verified profiles that are ready to be engaged.


Your outreach is getting you nowhere

Over 66% of people receive marketing outreach that makes it clear a company doesn’t know who they are. First-party data backed outreach ensures everyone receives messaging that applies directly to their journey.


You can’t identify high value targets

Most B2B sites have no insight into who each visitor is or what they care about, leading to sales calls with unqualified prospects that waste everyone’s time. Arm yourself with the tools to engage more qualified leads with an approach tailored to them.


Apple is blocking GA4 & Meta Pixel

Privacy updates are blocking popular trackers and third-party cookies are gone in 2024. Our platform collects data that you own so your strategy doesn’t have to change just because the internet has.

Your website can tell you so much more

Start collecting first-party data (server-side analytics) just like this from your existing website.

Collect profiles from your existing forms or use our tools to get even more done

Full 360° view. Who they are, where they’re from, and what they did

Funnel all data to your CRM and keep your sales team busy

Auto-generate outreach that treats every prospect as an individual

Capture verified profiles with one click

You spent a lot of time and effort bringing prospects to your website. Let them decide how they opt in by providing tools that convert in all the places your old-school lead form doesn’t.

Drive Revenue
Keep your funnel topped up with verified leads

Frictionless Opt-In
Support the social accounts your customers already trust

WordPress Plugin
On WordPress? No code implementation that configures itself

A bit of Butter

80% of visitors choose to use a social account they already have, rather than having to type their email address

360 degree view of the prospect with first party data

Arm your team with a complete picture of each prospect, encompassing all your business’s most important touch points or metrics, then reach out to them when they’re ready to buy. Keep your SDRs busy with intelligence that indicates who to pursue and how to break the ice rather than cold outreach.

Lead Scoring
Scoring that learns over time, surfacing targets that lead to the most profitable outcomes

Verified Profiles
Ensure that every outreach attempt is targeting a real person. No more wasting time with burner emails

Know your Customers in a Privacy-First Way
Profiles built with consented data collection so you can stay fully compliant

A bit of Butter

The implementation of stricter data privacy regulations such as GDPR and CCPA has limited the use of third-party data. As a result, 73% of marketers in the U.S. are planning to increase their use of first-party data.

Bread and Butter
Bread and Butter

User journey based on visit & sessions automatically fed into Bread & Butter’s Nurture Ai engine.

Email can be sent automatically or set for review before sending, and automatically synced to your CRM.

Turn your website into a true 24/hr sales nurturing platform.

Bread and Butter

To: d_tyler@company.com

From: b_smith@jones-national.com

Hi Deborah,

Thanks for visiting the Jones National website today. Our pricing is designed for business owners like yourself, with plans that grow as you do. Let’s set up a time to go over which one makes the most sense for you.

Our team also noted that you are interested in our upcoming webinar next month. Would you like to have a sneak peak?

Look forward to connecting soon.


Nurture Ai – your relentless sales assistant

Custom outreach that speaks to each individual prospect should be the standard. Nurture Ai is your sales assistant that sends emails automatically, as soon as a prospect visits the site, tailored explicitly to their journey.

Generative Emails
Spend less time building and writing campaigns and more time onboarding prospects

Personalized Content
Each email speaks directly to the prospect’s journey. Built from the last session, it guarantees up-to-date messaging rather than canned responses

Timely Intervention
Engage customers while they’re hot, rather than days later when they’ve already moved on

Bread and Butter

A bit of Butter

Two-thirds of visitors to websites have received an offer that clearly shows a company does not know who they are or what they were interested in.

Change nothing - works with what your digital agency runs on already

Time is money, and implementation comes at a cost. So we ensured Bread & Butter works with the tools you already use. Adding the power of first-party data is easy with our instant-install WordPress plugin. Use a different tech stack? Our support team can show you how a few lines of code can boost your qualified leads.

First-party Data Everywhere You Need It
Fully exportable so that you can power your workflows with the data you own

Upgrade existing forms
Goodbye form fatigue. Use our wrapper to stop having to ask for information you already know

More Platforms Every Day
Have something specific you need supported? Contact us to learn about our roadmap and how you can be a part of it

Increase revenue with over 22% more high value qualified leads

Increase revenue with over 22% more high value qualified leads

Don’t take our word for it. Bread & Butter is changing the way websites increase your qualified leads.

‘‘You can’t have a conversation with an IP Address. Bread & Butter changed that.’’

Andrew D – Managing Director, MGI Research LLC

A word from our CEO on how we are all about empowering businesses