API Events

Last updated 10/31/2021

Custom API Events are events that your website can create, that correspond to a specific user action. Custom API Events allow you to define a User Journey for your website, where you can see where customers are or are not converting.

For example, you can create an API Event for every user who clicks on a “Free Trial” button. Then, you can filter by this event on the Bread & Butter Dashboard to see what users are interested in a trial. You can also add a custom event for when a user signs up, and filter by both events to see who signed up after a trial.

Have an Ecommerce website? Create custom events for when a user views a specific product, and another for when they purchase. Then, use the Dashboard to filter by these events to see how many views you get for each purchase.

You can create as many API events as you need, with unlimited combinations to really see what your users are doing on your website.

How to set up API Events

First, you’ll need to define your API Events in Bread & Butter by following these steps:

  1. Log in to your Bread & Butter Dashboard.


  2. Go to API Events in the left menu.
  1. Click Create New.

  2. Choose an Event Color and Event Display Name. The event will appear in your Dashboard exactly how it appears in the dialog after you choose a name and color.
  1. Choose an Event Code. This will need to be unique, and can’t have any spaces. This code will be used by your website to create the event.

Your event is now ready to be used.

Please note that you can disable an event by unchecking it. Events need to be enabled (checked) to be used by your website.

How to use the API Event