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Do you notice substantial drop rates when asking visitors to type an email address and choose a new cumbersome password to access gated content or functionality? Is consolidating visitor & customer behavior data (analytics, chatbots, heat-map, surveys, forms) into a coherent user journey taking up much of your time? Can you easily export the data you obtained to your marketing tools? If your business is anything like our last one was, you’ve experienced these problems first-hand. And you understand why we started Bread & Butter.

In 2006 our team was building an app to make secure messaging as easy as sending an email because when sending and receiving a secure message is easy, why wouldn’t you be safe? Our website used several marketing tools to track performance (conversion rates, user journeys, etc.). Over time these tools and their associated cost bloated to the point where we weren’t sure which one was giving us the correct answers. And getting that data into a manageable, searchable, exportable form took weeks away from what our development team should have been doing.

The messaging app was humming along, and clients began asking us to support logging in with social providers like Google & Facebook. So we added SSO’s power (social login or enterprise login) to our messaging app. And over time, we added more and more sign-in / login options.

We had made it easy for anyone to access their messages, regardless of the account they wanted to use. As a result, we gained more knowledge about SSO with each provider we added. Side note, not only are there multiple protocols (OAuth, SAML 1.1, SAML 1.2), but every Identity Provider approaches them differently.

In 2019 our secure messaging app (DeliverySlip) was bought by a competitor. After the sale, the team took some time to figure out what was next. We were reading about data privacy laws (GDPR, CCPA, etc.), their effects on third-party cookies, and how first-party data was the way forward. We had experienced the power of SSO and how it improves conversion rates (and seen the first-party data it can provide). It seemed like the time to solve the problems we had with our marketing toolset bloat. And Bread & Butter was born.

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