Make it easier – that’s what we’ve always been focused on.

Our team has been together for over ten years. In 2006 we started building a project to make secure messaging as easy as sending an email because when sending and receiving a secure message is easy, why wouldn’t you be safe. When SSO became more popular, clients began asking us to support logging in with social providers like Google. That was our first look at SSO workflows, and it wasn’t too difficult for our team to implement.

As the product developed, clients asked us to let them support another Identity Provider, then another. As we added more providers, we began learning that each provider implemented each protocol a little differently. We soon discovered that SSO was a disorganized, time-consuming mess. Not only are there multiple protocols (OAuth, SAML 1.1, SAML 1.2), but every Identity Provider approaches them in a different way. We wanted to help our customers and make them happy, but we needed to do it right to maintain our high-security requirements. What we expected to be a small feature ended up being of the biggest drains on our dev team as we became SSO experts. Over the next few years, we kept expanding our SSO framework to keep up with our customers’ requests.

In 2019 we sold our secure messaging product (DeliverySlip). After the sale, the team took the time to figure out what was next. We had our SSO experience and knew we weren’t the only ISV with the need to have an SSO workflow that was easy to use. LogonLabs was born, and our first product is a simple, yet secure authentication API / SSO broker that is designed to get your team or product up and SSO ready with-in hours, not days or months.