First-party data & API event analytics all in one.

For websites & apps looking to ease
login friction & increase revenue
  • Up to 15,000
    monthly active users
  • Unlimited user logins & sessions
  • Unlimited authentication
    audit data
  • Unlimited Social &
    Enterprise IDPs
$29 / month

Free full-functional 30-day trial
so you can try all the features

Increase match-rates,
connect to GA4, Mailchimp, more usage,
more data retention
  • Up to 50,000
    monthly active users
  • LAUNCH features plus
  • API events connector
    (GA4, Mailchimp)
  • 90 days of
    User Journey analytics
Connect to
HubSpot, Salesforce,
Facebook Ads,
more data retention
  • Up to 150,000
    monthly active users
  • BOOST features plus
  • 50 customer
    AUTH rules
  • 1 year of
    User Journey analytics
1 Million
More workflow enablement, enterprise customization, even more data retention.
  • Up to 1 million
    monthly active users
  • SCALE features plus
  • 500 customer
    AUTH rules
  • 3 years of
    User Journey analytics
For enterprise,
ISVs & Digital Agencies
needing volume &
white glove support
  • 1 - 100 million
    monthly active users
  • 1 MILLION features plus
  • Cloud jurisdiction
    (US, CA, EU, UK, IR, SG)
  • Omni-channel
    white glove support

All plans start with a full-featured 30-day trial so you can try all the features

Start for free, no credit card required – upgrade or downgrade as needed

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1 Million

Per app per month - free full functional 30 day trial



Monthly active users

1 million
1 to 10 million

Unlimited user logins, sessions, Magic Links

Unlimited page views


Automatic data capture

Unlimited authentication audit data

User journey, API events & UTM analytics

30 days
90 days
1 year
3 years
7 years & over


Unlimited Social IDPs (i.e. Google, Microsoft, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.)

Unlimited Enterprise IDPs (i.e. Okta, OneLogin, Auth0, etc.)

JWT Tokenization

AI Predictive user login

Customer branding on logins (customer Auth)

Customer AUTH rules - Discovery workflow

500 to 100,000

Time & IP & Location restrictions

Extended IDP Data (roles, claims, scopes, access-token)

Magic Link

Multi-Factor authentication, Authenticator Apps & password policies


No design or technical experience required

breadbutter.js JavaScript Library (includes all widgets)






Shopify Plus


Slack notifications



Twillio SendGrid (email integration)

Facebook pixels





Secure cloud hosting

Retain ownership over your authentication logs (export data)

Email notifications editing

Custom domains (custom SSL)

Cloud cluster (US, CA, EU, UK, IR, SG)


HIPAA BAA (Business Associate Agreement)

SOC Type 2

SLA (End User Availability)

Up to 99.99%


Email support

1 day via email
1 hr via email
20 mins via email
20 mins via email
White glove

Upgrade & Downgrade at any time

Multi-lingual (EN, ES, FR, CH, PT)

Free testing / QA / Staging app

Questions? We get a few

Zero code, Low code or No code – a typical customer can implement within a single day. There’s no need to migrate your user
database, and existing users do not have to re-register. One simple implementation supports
all your customers’ unique configurations.

Who should use Bread & Butter?

Want to reduce friction in your sign-up/sign-in process? Tired of sifting through the junk in your analytics or buying mailing lists that spam addresses that don’t exist? Worried about the loss of third-party cookies? Want to be able to see where your users spend their time? Ever had a request for de-identification? If you own or manage a website or app and have thought about any of these things, then Bread & Butter is for you.

What's required to use Bread & Butter?

We offer multiple ways to interact with Bread & Butter. You can consume our APIs, use our JS Library, or if your website is on WordPress we offer a plugin that will have you up and running with a click.

Do I need to have coding skills to use Bread & Butter?

All of Bread & Butter's features are configured in the backend of your Bread & Butter app. Configurations have step-by-step guides to make sure you are configured correctly. Adding the functionality to your website or app is as easy as adding the JS Library script tag to your site code like you would with Google Analytics. If you have a developer you work with they can set up your website or app to use our APIs. If you use our WordPress plugin you’re done; no coding needed.

How much does Bread & Butter cost?

All Bread & Butter integrations begin with a 30 day fully functional free trial. After that point the amount of Bread & Butter you need determines your cost structure. Have a small website and just want to reduce friction for your users? We have a plan for that. Are you an Agency that needs to manage multiple platforms and report out data? We have a plan for that as well. View our full pricing by clicking the button below.

Works with your technology stack

Integrates with the tools you already use

Same-day install with your current technology stack using our comprehensive suite of tools.
Integrate with our API, JavaScript libraries, or one-click plugins, whatever works best for you.


It’s simple.
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