Custom Domain Branding Setup

Last updated 05/08/2024

After you’ve set up your custom identity providers, you may notice that some of these providers display the Bread & Butter callback URL domain on their OAuth consent screens.

In order to have your website domain appear instead, you’ll need to complete the custom domain branding setup. This allows you to set your own domain as the callback URL, where a CNAME record for that subdomain points on to Bread & Butter where the authentication process completes. The key items you’ll need to do are:

  • Choose a Subdomain
  • Set a CNAME record for it
  • Update all of your custom provider setups to add your new callback URL.

Please follow the steps below to complete the custom domain branding setup:

  1. Head to the App Settings page, then go to the Custom Domain Branding section:

  2. Choose a subdomain of your website’s domain (eg: that will be used for the custom domain proxy setup.

    Important: You’ll be creating a CNAME record for this subdomain, so if is already in use, choose something similar like

  3. Enter that subdomain, and then click Begin Custom Domain Setup.

  4. Follow the instructions on the next step:

    • Add the DNS record at your hosting provider. This may be GoDaddy, Azure, AWS, etc. If you’re not sure, contact your ops or dev team for assistance.
    • Update all of your custom identity provider setup to include the redirect URL for your new subdomain. For instructions on completing this for all of your enabled providers, click here.

  5. Once all of your providers have been updated, click I’ve completed both steps.
    Note: if you do not update all of your enabled custom providers, they will stop working when the custom domain setup is complete.

  6. Bread & Butter will be automatically notified, and will complete the setup process for you. This should be completed within 1 business day. If any additional steps or information is required, we will reach out to you via email.

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