Last updated 11/01/2023

De-identification with Bread & Butter ensures that your users can de-identify and that your site remains GDPR compliant.

The de-identification process happens in 4 parts:

The Trigger

De-identification can be triggered in 2 different ways:

  • Via JavaScript. Simply call the De-identification widget:


  • Via a URL parameter. Simply add a button anywhere on your website, with a link to your homepage (or any page that the Bread & Butter Javascript Library is running on), with the following URL parameter:


Either method can be used. This is the only piece that you need to add to your website to allow users to de-identify with Bread & Butter IO. Bread & Butter handles everything else, in the next steps.

The Request

After the user chooses to start the de-identification process, they are presented with the de-identification widget, which will ask them to authenticate to prove their identity, or confirm via a PIN.

Once the user authenticates, they are pending de-identification.

The Approval

When a user is pending de-identification, you (the app owner) will receive a notification in your Bread & Butter Dashboard that the user in question has requested to be de-identified. You can then approve this directly within the notification.

The De-identification

Once approved, the user is de-identified, or pseudonymized in Bread & Butter IO.

At this point, if you are storing any user information for this user, it is your responsibility to remove this user’s information from your system.

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