Bread & Butter Integrations & Rules Setup

Last updated 03/07/2024

Integrations are used as part of the Rules functionality. You can configure Rules to do an action with an Integration, when a specific API event is triggered. The Integration is the connection between the Bread & Butter plugin and these supported third parties:


To complete an integration setup, you need to do the following:

  1. Identify the action on your website that will trigger the rule.

  2. Click Logic on the left side menu of your WordPress website dashboard and create an API event definition in Bread & Butter for the action. See API Events for more information.

  3. Configure your website to create the custom event in Bread & Butter when the user completes the action on your website. Follow these instructions based on your platform:

  4. Create an Integration & Rule setup with one of the above supported integrations. To complete this step, click the Integration above and follow the steps to complete the setup.


A few basic examples of Integrations and Rules are:

  • If a user clicks a button on your website, you can have an email sent to you
  • If a user authenticates, add them to a Mailchimp audience for a sign up campaign

Using Zapier combined with Bread & Butter unlocks almost endless combinations of possibilities.

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