WordPress User Profile Tool

Last updated 11/01/2023

The User Profile Tool allows you to add a Profile button to any or all pages for signed in users:

When clicked, it expands to show the user’s profile information, and provides an option to sign out of your site:

This tool only appears when a users is authenticated with your site. It can be considered the “signed in” version of the ‘Continue with’ Tool, and is often added in the same location as the ‘Continue with’ tool on a page by users.

You can add this tool by following these steps:

Step 1

In the left menu in WordPress Admin, click on Bread & Butter.

Step 1

Step 2

Go to the User Profile Tool tab

Step 3

Select Enable for all pages, then click Save. You can also adjust where the Profile tool appears on your page, using the location settings.

Step 4

Optional: You can also turn on the Profile Tool on some or all pages from the page specific settings:

  • Go to the page you want the Profile Tool to appear on.
  • Click the Bread & Butter logo at the top right, or click on the Options button, and selecting Bread & Butter under Plugins.
  • Toggle on Enable page specific options
  • Under Display Settings, turn on User Profile Tool.
  • Publish the page. Repeat the above steps for any other pages.

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