The way the cookie crumbles.

bread and Butter - We believe customers should control their  digital footprint.

We believe customers should control their digital footprint.

With the end of third party cookies there is an opportunity to make transparency a pillar of your digital strategy. Give your customers options for interaction while maintaining security and compliance with GDPR, CCPA and other Data Protection Law.

Harness the power of first-party or zero-party data strategies by incorporating Bread & Butter to your interactions.


It’s a relationship, not a listening party.

The future of Customer Engagement is here. Are your systems ready? Do you have a plan for a post third-party data landscape? How will you understand your customer profiles or build your customer relationship for the future?

With Bread & Butter you give your visitors the power to pick an authentication method they trust.

Build trust and own your data = all butter.

bread and Butter - It’s a relationship,  not a listening party.
bread and Butter - Security ≠ friction.

Security ≠ friction.

Don’t add a detours or roadblocks to your authentication workflow. Let big-tech do the heavy lifting.

With Bread & Butter you allow your customers to use the Identity Providers they trust. Your customers preference for secondary security (Multi-Factor Authentication) are automatic and don’t require any additional development on your end.

Save time, add security. With Bread & Butter, it’s baked in.

bread and Butter - We’re here to support you.

We’re here to support you.

Have requests to be forgotten? Need to anonymize users’ data?

With Bread & Butter it’s as easy as the flick of a switch. All user data is handled so that it complies with GDPR, CCPA or Data Protection Laws. With data transparency continuing to play a bigger role in customer interactions what is your organization doing to stay ahead of the coming requests?


Changing the game on digital transparency & accountabilty.

Bread & Butter’s de-identify workflow is our promise that a customers data is between you and them. Give your customers the peace of mind that if they choose to be de-identified in your system you can live up to your responsibilities whether it’s GDPR, CCPA or other Data Protection Law.

bread and Butter - Changing the game on digital transparency  & accountabilty.

Works with your technology stack

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Same-day install with your current technology stack using our comprehensive suite of tools.
Integrate with our API, JavaScript libraries, or one-click plugins, whatever works best for you.