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bread and Butter - It’s complicated <br>and time consuming<br> - no wonder it keeps<br> getting kicked down<br> the roadmap

It’s complicated
and time consuming
- no wonder it keeps
getting kicked down
the roadmap

With Bread & Butter audits are easy. View or export conversions, authentications, and as many custom events you have set up. Track visitors and build a first-party data strategy. Own your data and see where your visitors become customers so you can build a roadmap for KPIs.

Big picture or
the little things

View data in real-time or see a history of interactions.

From content type to time and place, see how your visitors and customers interact with your website or app. Use an external data analysis tool? – simply export your data in a format that works. Make Bread & Butter part of your first-party data strategy.

bread and Butter - Big picture or <br> the little things

Get compliance right

GDPR logo
Privacy Shield logo

Compliance can be complicated and different depending on you content or jurisdiction. Are you getting it right? Bread & Butter has been helping website and app owners navigate compliance for years. All user data is handled so that it complies with GDPR, CCPA or Data Protection Laws.


Forget me Not

Have requests to be forgotten? Need to anonymize users data? With Bread &
Butter it’s as easy as the flick of a switch. All user data is handled so that it
will comply with your needs.

Works with your technology stack

Integrates with the tools you already use

Same-day install with your current technology stack using our comprehensive suite of tools.
Integrate with our API, JavaScript libraries, or one-click plugins, whatever works best for you.