WordPress Plugin Analytics Install Guide

Last updated 05/15/2024

First, you will need to be affiliated with an Agency in order to enable Analytics. If you are unsure, please Contact Us. Alternatively, you can follow the automated installation.

Step 1

Log in to your WordPress admin panel as an Administrator.

Step 2

  • Go to Plugins on the left side menu, then click the Add New Plugin button at the top.
  • Search plugins for "bread & butter".
  • Click Install Now for the Bread & Butter plugin.
  • Once installed, click Activate and you will be taken directly to the setup tab.
Step 2

Step 3

  • Go to https://app.breadbutter.io/sign-in/ and Sign In (or Sign Up to make a new account).
  • Create a new App for your WordPress site, if you have not already done so.
  • During the App creation process, when asked for your website domain, enter your WordPress site domain.
  • After your app is created, you'll see that your website has been identified as WordPress. Go to Settings in the left menu, then copy the App ID for Step 5 below.
Step 3

Step 4

  • Return to WordPress.
  • In the left menu in WordPress, click on Bread & Butter.
Step 4

Step 5

  • Under Setting up Analytics on the Advanced Settings tab, enter the App ID from Step 3.
  • Click Save.
Step 5

Step 6

Congratulations! Your WordPress website is now set up with your new Bread & Butter App.

You can click Launch Dashboard to see users activity appear on your Bread & Butter Dashboard as they visit.

Note: If you don't see any activity in the Bread & Butter Dashboard, try going to your Website's homepage. You should then see your visit appear in your Bread & Butter & Butter Dashboard after you refresh the page.

If you do not see your user's page visits on the Dashboard, please don't hesitate to contact us at support@breadbutter.io.

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