WordPress ‘Opt-in’ Tool

Last updated 11/01/2023

The ‘Opt-in’ tool lets you easily add user validation and authentication directly onto any page, and have it fit seamlessly with the rest of the elements around it. It also returns your users back to the current page after authentication.

You can add ‘Opt-in’ tool to a page by adding a shortcode.

Step 1

Find the page or post where you want the 'Opt-in' tool to appear, and open it in Edit mode in WordPress.

Step 2

Place the cursor at the place in the page where you want to add the 'Opt-in' tool.

Step 3

Click the Toggle block inserter button, then search for and select Shortcode.

Step 3

Step 4

In the shortcode block, enter the following:


Note: The 'Opt-in' tool will inherit your global, or page specific settings for everything except Destination URL. By default, the Destination URL is set to the current page, so the user will return back there after authenticating.

Step 4

Step 5

Click Update to save and publish the change.

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