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Close more deals in less time.

Bread & Butter IO’s WordPress plugin lets website owners capture verified work emails from any page. Understand prospects, and use marketing automation workflows to synchronize user data to every tool in your marketing stack converting website visitors into paying customers.

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Dan Brasher | Marketing Manager

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Create lead capture or content gates in minutes, without a designer or developer.

Collect verified emails from any WordPress page or post

  • Annual Reports, white papers, PDFs
  • Pages, blog posts, blog categories
  • Videos, e-books, courses
  • Newsletters, coupons, communities

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Gated experiences tailored to your target audience.

  • Easy to configure. Setup in minutes without a designer or developer.
  • Customize each gate with our intuitive Wysiwyg editor.
  • Capture qualified leads and work emails with SSO and IDPs.
  • Pass leads to any CRM, email provider, or 3rd party service.

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Close more deals. Keep track of each prospect and how they interact with your website. Use Bread&Butter as a lightweight CRM, or pass leads and website user journey data to any CRM.

Get your sales pipeline moving. Increase order size, decrease
time to close.

  • Verified Work Emails from any content gate or signup page.
  • Lead Scoring. Prioritize and target the highest quality prospects.
  • View content and website browsing history for each prospect.
  • Tailor conversations, build rapport, and better understand customers’ needs.
  • Simple or multi-stage sales funnels that automatically sync to CRMs or other 3rd party services.


Start for Free. Full access.
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Smart automations. Zero coding experience required. Design custom workflows in a flash. Keep data synchronized across multiple platforms and save serious time to work on other parts of your business.

Simple Automations

Receive Slack notification for a new signups to public channels, groups, or as private dms
Push email captures to Mailchimp or any email provider

Advanced Automations

Push website browsing history for each prospect to a CRM, CDP, or Email Provider
Receive a text message if a prospect spends 10 minutes or more time on a whitepaper or dedicated webpage

Bread & Butter IO integrates seamlessly with your other tools. Use one of our turn-key connections or remix to develop your own.

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Supercharge your WordPress website with kick-ass first-party data (analytics) that provide actionable insight.Find the micro and macro website trends for each prospect, customer, or marketing campaign.

Increase visibility into individual users and their actions. Discover what content converts and how prospects, leads, and VIP customers interact with your website.

Enriched user profiles so you can see your the user journey & no more trying to figure out bounce rates - just track the events that matter to your business. Track the events that are important to your business. Understand the referrers, campaigns or search terms that are driving successful interactions with your content.

Start for Free. Full access.
No credit card required.

Questions? We get a few

Why use Bread & Butter?

Have content to gate or want to reduce friction in lead generation on your WordPress website, then Bread & Butter IO is for you.

What’s required to use Bread & Butter?

A Bread & Butter IO account and the Bread & Butter WordPress plugin (get it here) are all that you need.

Do I need coding skills to use Bread & Butter?

All of Bread & Butter IO's features are available in our WordPress plugin. In addition, configurations have step-by-step guides to ensure you get it right—without a designer or developer.

How much does Bread & Butter cost?

All accounts start with a full-function free trial, so you can test us to see how Bread & Butter IO works on your website. Once you're ready to launch, choose a plan that fits your needs. Are you a smaller consultancy that needs to gate content & improve lead quality? We have a plan for that. Need a larger user limit or other functions? We have a plan for that as well. Please view our pricing.