Highly Engaged Users

Engagement is a measurement of how interested, or engaged, users are with your website.

Bread & Butter automatically analyzes your users’ activities on your website, and calculates an engagement score from 0 to 10, where 10 is the most engaged, and 0 is the least. Engagement is available at the page level and at the user level, so you can see how engaged each user is overall, and which pages they were most engaged with. No setup is required, beyond enabling Bread & Butter on your website and waiting for users to visit.

Checking out engagement in your Dashboard

As you can see above, the user had low engagement with a few pages, and high engagement with one specific page. This lets you see what pages are resonating with your users, and which ones are not. If you see high engagement for a specific page, you know its one you can promote.

Alternately, if you see low engagement for a critical page, you can start to find out if you have an issue. Step 1 of solving a problem is knowing that you have one.

Overall user engagement can also be integrated into your sales team’s strategies. You can shift your focus to more engaged users, who are more likely to be interested in your product, and reduce focus on low engagement users who may just be passing through.

Engagement Insights

Under the Insights tab on the Dashboard, you may see a box for highly engaged users. This lets you know how many of your users scored a 7 or above for engagement in the last 7 (or 30) days. Tracking this over time lets you know if you’re getting overall greater engagement on your site.

Do engagement scores appear right away?

Engagement takes a few minutes to calculate, so you may not see a user’s engagement right away. Check back shortly, and you’ll see the user’s engagement scores show up.