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Evolve Pipedrive Podcast – Founders Journey Year in Review

Published: January 5th, 2024

The Evolve Podcast is our go-to spot for CRM insights and all things Pipedrive so we’re excited that they’ve included our CEO, Isiah Pasquale, as a part of this group of visionary founders.

Watch the video below or visit their website to learn more. Find out more about how Bread & Butter makes Pipedrive even better. Here’s to a great 2023 and looking forward to an even better 2024.

In this series you’ll hear the stories behind 6 SaaS startups, directly from the founders themselves. So if you’re currently a founder, or have ambitions of launching your own startup one day, then these founders’ stories are guaranteed to inspire.

During the course of running the Evolve Podcast we’ve had the pleasure to speak to dozens of the founders behind the apps. These are their stories.

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Vincent Roulois, Praiz

Praiz is the video hub for modern teams. Letting you easily record, find and replay all your business meetings in one place.


Isiah Pasquale, Bread & Butter

Bread and Butter, a company that helps you turn visitors into prospects instantly. Remove conversion friction, send real user data to your CRM and continue learning about your prospects as they navigate your site.


Riaz Kanani, Radiate B2B

RadiateB2B helps you stop missing pipeline opportunities with intent data.  Their intent data platform monitors company activity both on your website and across the internet to tell you who is in market today.


Tom Lavery, Jiminny

Jiminny helps unlock your sales team’s potential to drive revenue through conversation intelligence and see 15% increase in win rates.


Anton Viborniy, Apiway

Apiway is a free integration platform. Apiway’s mission is to help businesses connect all parts of IT infrastructure and improve their effectiveness.


Dan Huru, MeetGeek

Automatically enrich your deals with meeting summaries and highlights from your video calls.